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Baby & Pre-school

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At Toy Marche, we understand that choosing the right toys for your little ones can be a challenging task. That's why we offer a wide range of safe and non-toxic toys designed to promote your child's learning and growth. Our collection of toys for babies and preschoolers includes everything from soft toys and rattles to educational puzzles and building blocks. Each toy is carefully selected and crafted with the highest safety standards in mind, ensuring that they are free from harmful chemicals and materials that could harm your child.

We believe that playtime is not just about having fun but also an essential part of your child's development. That's why we offer toys that promote learning and skill-building, such as shape sorters, stacking toys, and activity tables. These toys help develop your child's cognitive and motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities, making learning a fun and engaging experience. Our collection of toys for babies and preschoolers is not just limited to traditional toys. We also offer electronic toys, ride-ons, and outdoor toys that provide endless hours of fun and entertainment. Our range of electronic toys includes interactive games and toys that teach your child about numbers, letters, and shapes. Whether you're looking for toys for your baby's first year or preschoolers, Toy Marche has got you covered. Our collection of safe and non-toxic toys will keep your child engaged, entertained, and promote their development. Browse our collection today and watch your child learn and grow.

Kipa Melodious Star
11% OFF
Simba ABC Baby Walker
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Simba ABC Bathing Crab
13% OFF
Bubble Magic Fan Bubs Panda
5% OFF
Bubble Magic Fan Bubs Lime
5% OFF
Giggles Baby's Gift Set
10% OFF
Giggles Ramp Racer
4% OFF
Playgro Dragon Activity Walker
20% OFF
OK Play My Pet Giraffe
7% OFF
OK Play My Pet Elephant
7% OFF
Giggles Gift Set Classic
1% OFF
Giggles Mail Van
1% OFF
Tomy Fix And Load Tow Truck
3% OFF
Tomy Push Me Pull Me Puppy
8% OFF
Leapfrog Sorting Surprise Turtle
12% OFF
Funskool Chain Links
2% OFF
Funskool Alphy The Elephant
6% OFF
Giggles Linking Turtle
10% OFF

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