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Best Christmas Gifts for Little Boys 2021

  • By Toy Marche
  • •  Dec 20, 2021

As Christmas is around the corner, kids have already submitted their wish lists to Santa. Now, this is a tough task for the parents to choose the best Christmas gift for kids and especially boys, as the gifts, you had given them the last year he may not be interested in playing with it as he has grown elder or probably the toy is already damaged.

The parents play the role of the Santa every year for their kids, they have to drop the gifts in the Christmas stockings below the Christmas tree. But with a lot of thoughts in the mind like having a budget set for Christmas, thinking of quality and safety of the toy, having toys that are age-appropriate, those toys should be playful and interactive, teaching their kids to be happily grateful for what they receive.

Top 7 Best Christmas Gifts for Kids Boys

Marvel Legends – Spiderman Homecoming

A Superhero toy out from the Marvel series Spiderman, the most loved character among the others. He moves like nobody does and fights the enemies like a pro, whenever there is a crime happening in the city Peter Parker – can just resist reaching there and punishing the criminal.

This is a moving figure totally in action and ready with his own set of web-slinging and wall-crawling tactics. Gather your complete Marvel Superhero collection, 6 inches figure with a detailed design. It is the most liked toy by boys.

Expected delivery – 3 to 7 days

Thanos Action Figure

Another character from the Marvel collection Thanos, probably the strongest villain till now who once collected all the power in the world to control things and had an obsession to balance the world to save resources.

The mad Titan guy is fully equipped in his ultimate warrior suit is 9.5 inches tall ready action figure to take any position. The classic design resembles the original one from the movie who was known for his terror and his unique vision across the galaxy.

Expected delivery – 3 to 7 days

Kinetic Dirt Deluxe Sets

Now build your own monster jam arena with the full set of kinetic dirt deluxe sets from Monster Jam. A fully equipped and ready to perform play truck set is an ultimate do-it-yourself jam kit, has monster dirt and an assortment of models and accessories. Perform epic runs and big air-jumps for the crowd.

The monster truck is always ready in action, designed for activities such as ship container, launch ramp mold, fireworks spout. The truck comes with 453 grams of monster dirt, 1 large container ramp mold, 1 basic ramp mold, multi-tool, brick tray.

Expected delivery – 3 to 7 days

Choo Choo Loop

Choo Choo Loop playful toy train from Tomy’s toys. It features a three-way playing loop track and also can be free rolling on the floor. The multi-colored tracks give your kids the to choose their favorite colored track and assemble it accordingly with rail stops.

The train runs very smoothly on the track and plays the sound of a train while it passes. This is a complete 10 piece set that helps in improving the manual agility and explains cause and effect.

Expected delivery – 5 to 9 days

Pack and Stack Truck

Tomy has designed this beautiful pack and stack play truck for kids to load and move their stuffs in a single trip, it is a 3 in 1 performing package. The truck can be pushed along with stacking it up with beautiful blocks provided with it.

The truck performs a perfect loading vehicle by setting the brightly colored boxes one above the other and forming a tower. It is still easy to hold and handle while you drive throughout the backyard.

Expected delivery – 5 to 9 days

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Here are some tips to choose an ideal Christmas gift for kids

Avoid Overbuying

As the holiday festival is approaching the toy stores are fully stocked with products and jam with parents and relatives wanting to have the best for their kids. So on the day, there are too many gifts that are present under the Christmas tree for the boys.

This makes them more than happy and excited about the lots of gifts but this may eventually result in kids losing interest in most of the gifts and focusing on a particular one. They just keep on opening all the presents one after the other and do not think being grateful and appreciable for what they have received.

Avoid buying expensive toys

Small kids may not understand the value of the toys, in most cases they tend to throw the things around while playing. So while choosing the best toy as a Christmas gift for kids and especially boys do not opt for something that is too expensive because boys are more aggressive to throw stuff everywhere.

You can teach them initially to treasure every toy they have and there should not be access of any toys. The easier it is available the more careless they will be for the toys. Also they always develop an expectation if they keep receiving expensive gifts then they start getting dissatisfied with anything under the value.

Choose toys that are appropriate for the age

Children enjoy toys that are often they can master according to them, so their preferences for toys change as per their age. A little toddler will be satisfied with brightly colored toys that are attached to a crib and rotate with making sound and music.

While a child little above the toddler age will be attracted towards something illuminating and toys that can be there with them all time like floating toys for the bathroom or some moving toy. When you shop for a toy the manufacturer’s label has the information and age group the toy is meant to be.

Toys that are safe to be offered

Not always expensive toy brands are a perfect choice when it comes to safety. Most of the times some chemicals and unhygienic material is used by the manufacturers for making the toy, more attractive and durable.

Kids at whatever age they often develop a habit of putting everything in their mouth as they develop the taste buds they want to taste everything. Hence, choose a to that is safe from all chemicals and that has leakage stuffs which can be easily consumed by the child resulting in choking.


Even if you don’t find a toy fitting for the age of your kid make sure to choose the one that is safe for use and will avoid any injury even if the child handles it alone or while playing with other kids.

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